Elementary Classroom


  • Building relationships through, diplomacy, listening, and communication
    All attorneys must have excellent listening skills and be able to engage in meaningful and diplomatic dialogue with those who hold opposing viewpoints. Whether I’m talking with educators, parents, students, administration, or other important stakeholders, I will bring my excellent listening skills and truly consider all viewpoints. This will result in all parties feeling heard and valued and guide meaningful, transparent communication. 

  • Retaining, recruiting, and supporting excellent and diverse teachers
    I will take a careful look at our educators’ contracts and policies and make sure they are competitive with our neighboring school districts, both in terms of salaries and content. My legal skills will be an asset in this regard. I will also listen to stakeholders and come up with creative and executable ideas for how we can best recruit teachers to come and work in the Fargo Public Schools. One thing I would love to see happen for Fargo Public Schools employees is paid family leave upon the birth or addition of a child. No matter what, I will listen to our educators before making decisions because I know they are the ones in the position to tell us what we can do to make them feel supported. Ensuring our schools are properly funded is a large piece of this. I will work at all levels of government to advocate for the appropriate resources for our District. Investing in public education saves taxpayers money in the long run: well-educated students and students who finish high school are less likely to be incarcerated, less likely to need government assistance, and less likely to have health issues. Investing in our schools means investing in our communities and in our future. 

  • Empowering ALL students to succeed, learn and grow
    I am committed to ensuring that all Fargo Public Schools students are accepted and supported and will work to ensure Fargo Public Schools’ diversity, equity, and inclusion policies are benefiting all students, including students with disabilities. Part of my work as an attorney is enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act on behalf of the United States of America, so ensuring disability rights for all is a passion of mine. The mental health of our students is also very important to me, and I would like to see that our students are getting the resources they need to make sure that they are thriving socially, emotionally, and academically.